AZCOPS believes that all Arizona public safety employees (sworn or civilian) should be provided with fair wages and benefits, consistent with their professional status and the important public safety service they provide to their communities.

AZCOPS will work aggressively toward making this goal a reality through dialogue with political leaders at the local, state and national level; and the pursuit of collective bargaining rights for Arizona public safety employees.

AZCOPS members should be provided with professional legal representation in order to protect their rights. Arizona public safety employees are entitled to fairness and due process when dealing with their employers on disciplinary, job-related criminal, and labor issues. AZCOPS provides first-class, experienced attorneys to assist in these matters.

Arizona public safety employees should accumulate the greatest possible political power in order to play on a level playing field when dealing with their public employers. Politics is the name of the game in Arizona – that’s how public safety employees will improve their benefits and working conditions at the local and state level. AZCOPS will be there every step of the way to assist its member associations in the political process.


AZCOPS will strive to further the interests of public safety professionals through aggressive representation in the legal and political arenas;

To obtain the best possible pay and benefits through positive interaction with local and state officials;

To pursue positive change and encourage open communication between employers and our members;

To promote the positive influence organized public safety professionals bring to our communities in Arizona, and all across America.