AZCOPS members urged to attend Scottsdale Council meeting tonight

AZCOPS members urged to attend Scottsdale Council meeting tonight

(Posted: 2:30 p.m. Sept. 22, 2009)

The Police Officers of Scottsdale Association is urging all AZCOPS members in the area to attend a City Council meeting at 5 p.m. today, Sept. 22, at the City Council Kiva to show support for City Manager John Little.

Little, who has been a friend to Scottsdale police officers, has come under fire by the Mayor and could lose his job.

“John Little has been a great leader for the city in a time of economic uncertainty and a strong advocate for city employees,” said POSA President James Hill.

“Earlier this year John’s job was on the line and a strong show of support by POSA members, FOP members, other city employees, business owners and citizens demonstrated to the City Council that John Little had the support and trust of the community at large and should remain the City Manager,” he said.

The faction on the City Council that wants to remove Little as City Manager is led by the Mayor, who has strong ties to the Goldwater Institute’s plan to restructure Scottsdale’s city government. Hill said the Goldwater Institute wants to put every city service out to bid including police services.

POSA sent an email to Council members earlier today urging them to support Little.

“Mr. Little has led the city through an unprecedented time of upheaval and change.

Over the past year we have seen:

· Dropping Revenues
· Suspension of Merit Raises
· Elimination of Cost of Living Raises
· An across the board 2% pay cut for all employees
· Mass layoffs
· A complete reorganization of city staffing and services
· Termination of the City Attorney
· A re-vamping of the City Treasurers position, which will require changes to the City Charter

Through all of this change Mr. Little has remained steadfast in his commitment to the citizens, the employees of Scottsdale and the rule of law. Now is not the time to add more turbulence by replacing Mr. Little. Now is the time to allow Mr. Little the time to calm the waters and assess what all of the changes have meant to the Scottsdale City organization,” the email states.

Hill said AZCOPS and POSA members who attend tonight’s Council meeting do not have to speak. He believes the show of support from officers and their families will send a strong message to elected officials that police officers are united in their support of the City Manager.