Local organization teaches law enforcement life-saving aid for four-legged partners

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — The Team 5 Medical Foundation is based in Las Vegas, and on Sunday, it gathered in the field to train and teach emergency aid for four-legged emergency response partners.

Imagine this scene: police respond to a suspect with a gun, an officer is hit and none of his partners know how to treat the injury.

You wouldn’t expect that for police, and you shouldn’t expect that for K9 officers either.

That’s why the foundation is here.

Eric Linder, the founder of Team 5, said, “They’re expensive, they’re family and they’re police officers, as well. We see in the field a lot of times they can’t get to care fast enough.”

The organization trains tactical veterinarians and gives police training on how to perform first aid, potentially life-saving first aid, to K9 officers.

This weekend, they provided hands-on training for officers in Vegas, Utah and Idaho.

Veterinarian Aaron Bivens is helping teach, saying, “We’re breaking down military training and veterinary training to help them give tactical medicine in a combat setting.”

Along with hands-on training, Team 5 has been in the field across the world giving medical and veterinary training to those who need it.


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