Police: Call us if you witness a crime, we can’t monitor Nextdoor

PHOENIX – Nextdoor is a social media site and app designed to connect neighbors. It’s been credited with keeping communities safe and is growing by leaps and bounds.

But with that success comes an unexpected problem for local police departments: Many neighbors think they can alert police to crimes simply by posting to the site.

While local law enforcement agencies can themselves post information on multiple Nextdoor communities, it’s more of a one-directional communication.

Police do not monitor the sites for posts looking for potential crimes, explained Phoenix Police Sgt. Mercedes Fortune, a department spokeswoman.

“I can’t see your posts,” she said.

So, if a crime occurs and you post about it on Nextdoor, police will not see it.

Sgt. Fortune says it’s critical to report crimes directly to police by calling 911 if it’s an emergency, or by reaching out to police on a non-emergency line, if appropriate.


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