She hired someone to mow her lawn. A Kansas police officer finished the job — in uniform

A Kansas police officer mowed a woman’s lawn in full uniform on Memorial Day after the person she hired didn’t finish the job.

An officer was called to a home on the west side of Hutchinson to check on the welfare of the woman on Monday, the Hutchinson Police Department said in a Facebook post.

“Ofc. Carey determined that this resident was well, but was upset over the fact she hired someone to mow her yard and the job wasn’t completed,” the post said. “She was worried the City Code Enforcement would be concerned about the height of her grass.”

Carey then got a lawn mower, returned to the home and mowed the woman’s yard, the post said.

“This sweet lady was very thankful for what Ofc. Carey did for her and thanked him multiple times,” the post said. “Ofc. Carey went above and beyond his normal duties this morning and it isn’t every day you see an officer mowing a yard in full uniform.”