4 7 5 Gov. Doug Ducey asks President Donald Trump for $600M for sewer, road, water projects

A Nogales, Ariz., pipeline is so decrepit that untreated waste could leak sewage during heavy rains.

At least 2,000 wells in the state are open and should be covered or shut down because they pose a hazard to the public.

And roadways that carry millions of people should be widened to boost international business and lessen the likelihood of traffic accidents.

Those infrastructure projects are among a dozen proposals that Gov. Doug Ducey is asking President Donald Trump to consider for his proposed $1 trillion infrastructure program. Without the improvement, lives could be lost, children’s health could be compromised, roads could continue to crumble, and a bridge could collapse, the governor warned.

How such a massive undertaking would be funded is unclear, but the National Governors Association asked state leaders to compile a list of projects that could begin quickly.

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