5 police IT project management best practices

Police information technology projects take time to roll out. From identifying the department’s need needs to going live, a police IT project is often implemented in one to two years or longer. Throughout the process, from concept to go live, there is often an officer assigned to oversee the project management aspect of the department’s new initiative.  

When a police officer graduates from the academy, the last thing he or she is likely thinking is how awesome it’s going to be when assigned to manage the department’s new technology project. The academy doesn’t train officers to manage IT projects like implementation of license plate readers, body worn cameras, a CAD or RMS. Once on the job, most departments don’t formally train police officers in IT project management. 

This is a common issue for police departments from rural areas to major cities. Managing police IT projects takes a significant amount of organization, an understanding of business analysis and systems integration, the ability to work with end users and senior leadership and the ability to correlate any project change to the timeline or personnel with the project’s budget… 

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