Camp Encourages Girls to Be Firefighters and Police Officers

The Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona this weekend will host “Catching Fury,” a hands-on camp to get girls interested in careers in public safety.

Firefighting and police work are male-dominated careers, and the camp will show girls they have what it takes to do jobs that local public safety agencies need them to do.

Seventeen-year-old Annika Morken wants to work in law enforcement. She took part in Catching Fury as a middle schooler, in the weeklong Camp Fury as a high schooler, and will be back to serve as a squad leader this weekend.

“We’re doing scary things, and things that need to be done in groups, and things that you can’t get done unless you’re encouraging each other – which is being part of a team,” Annika said.

Girls learn to roll out, connect and work with with a heavy-duty fire hose, rappel a building, and execute a high-stakes search warrant with mock firearms.

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