Congress’ Latest Gun-Law Effort Faces Another Likely Impasse

WASHINGTON—The latest congressional effort to respond to the latest mass shooting headed toward another impasse Monday, reflecting the continuing partisan stalemate over gun laws that has paralyzed Congress for decades.

Prodded to take action by the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando earlier this month, the Senate was scheduled to vote Monday evening on two pairs of dueling, largely partisan proposals aimed at restricting suspected terrorists’ access to guns and strengthening the background-check system. All four measures were expected to come up short of the votes needed to clear procedural hurdles.

The likely across-the-board rejection reflected Republicans’ deep apprehension that the federal government would infringe on individuals’ gun rights, Democrats’ unwillingness to support GOP bills they said were designed to be unworkable, and both parties’ reluctance to hand the other a legislative victory deep into the election-year battle for the White House and control of the Senate.

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