Emu on the loose! Arizona lasso escaped bid after dramatic low speed chase along highway

An emu was running amok on an Arizona highway before state officials managed to capture the large bird on Friday. 

The loose emu was spotted on Interstate 10, about 100 miles west of Phoenix, and state troopers struggled to contain the animal, which crossed several lanes of traffic.

The emu was eventually corralled by an official at the state’s Department of Agriculture and no injuries were reported.

It is unclear where the emu had come from, since Quentin Mehr, spokesman for the Arizona State Troopers, told CNN: ‘I am unaware of any emu farm in that area and, I believe, the Phoenix Zoo is the nearest zoo.’ 

Law enforcement received reports of the emu around 10am on Friday, and one trooper spotted the bird crossing from the median to the shoulder of I-10 near milepost 64.

Another trooper tried to stop the bird from walking back into traffic, and numerous photos were posted on Mehr’s twitter account, showing the emu poking its head into the police car….

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