Flagstaff bars, police prepare for yearly binge-drinking tour

FLAGSTAFF — The Northern Arizona city of Flagstaff is preparing for an annual drinking event that resulted in dozens of arrests last year. 

The Arizona Daily Sun reported that more than a dozen Flagstaff bars will open their doors at 6 a.m. Saturday for “Tequila Sunrise.” Police arrested 41 people and closed some downtown streets last year. 

Deputy Chief Walt Miller said establishments within their rights to serve alcohol that early.

The annual festival gives students, alumni and visitors the opportunity to have a drink before Northern Arizona University’s homecoming parade and football game. 

City Manager Josh Copley said 24 police officers, four liquor control officers and one state officer will patrol the event. In 2015, Tequila Sunrise cost the city $1,000 in extra police pay and other expenses. 

Article Source: http://www.trivalleycentral.com/casa_grande_dispatch/arizona_news/flagstaff-bars-police-prepare-for-yearly-binge-drinking-tour/article_36aacdbe-9231-11e6-ae41-a77f72d66eb9.html