Flagstaff Police Request More Body Cameras

In order to outfit supervisors and special assignment officers, the Flagstaff Police Department has requested 34 more Taser Axon Flex cameras.

The police department has seen an over all positive effect since the implementation of body cameras. FPD Sgt. Margaret Bentzen said that during the month of February , the department saw a 12 percent reduction in use of force incidents and an 11 percent reduction in complaints filed against field officers than what was previously recorded the year prior. Copies of the recordings are uploaded to Evidence.com where it can be viewed by supervisors to ensure transparency throughout the department. The request will be heard by the Flagstaff City Council this Tuesday the 21st at 4 p.m.

Link to Source Article: http://azdailysun.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/flagstaff-police-ask-for-more-body-cameras/article_5c7e8407-9a8a-58e0-a339-d4d7e0f58098.html