Azcops Endorses Ken Bennett for Governor in Republican Primary

This past week, AZCOPS hosted a special meeting with Secretary of State Ken Bennett who is currently a candidate for Governor of Arizona. We proudly announced our AZCOPS endorsement for Ken Bennett in the gubernatorial Republican primary, based on his commitment to:
• Honor police/civilian benefits and pensions
• Work to improve manpower and equipment for all agencies while maintaining a healthy infrastructure for all first responders
• Work to revive the school resource officer program
• Secure more boots on the ground surrounding border issues in the more remote areas
• Work towards reasonable solutions surrounding immigration issues for people coming in and out of the country and Arizona
• Listen to all groups to resolve issues surrounding public safety and state employees

Ken Bennett and Ed Neidkowski
With over 35,000 law enforcement and tens of thousands of public employees in this state; we can make a difference to put the right people in office to make a positive change. Together, we need to get out and vote for that change.

Stay tuned for more AZCOPS endorsements in the coming weeks as our questionnaire has been sent to nearly 200 candidates across the state.
Special thanks to our participants who joined us for the special meeting with Ken Bennett:
Jim Hill, President, Police Officers of Scottsdale Association
Cindy Hill, Executive Director, POSA (Candidate for Scottsdale City Council)
John Costanas, President, Sahuarita Police Officers Association
Marshall Morris, President, Oro Valley POA
David Caballero, President, U of A POA
Joe Glen, President, Juvenile Probation POA, Treasurer AZCOPS
Donna Winston, President, Maricopa Employees
Lynn Mary, Secretary, Maricopa Employees
Keith Benjaman, Vice President, AZCOPS
Cesar Ramirez, Sergeant at Arms, Nogales POA

Arizona Department of Corrections Association members: Tixoc Munoz, Executive Director Corrections Officer Association, Len Stern, Vice President and Captain Richard Norman


Ed Neidkowski, President, Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs