Legislative briefs: Smart guns can’t be required by cities

Arizonans who want firearms won’t be required to purchase “smart” weapons.

Gov. Doug Ducey on Tuesday signed legislation which blocks any state or local law that says the only guns that can be offered for sale have to meet certain standards.

On the surface, the legislation is aimed at weapons which have GPS capability that enables police to track not only the location of the gun but also to send an electronic notice when it is fired.

But much of the debate centered around technology that enables a gun to know when it is in the hands of an authorized user. That can involve anything from fingerprint recognition to proximity to a special electronic fob worn by the owner.

More to the point, the weapon would be designed not to fire if the trigger is pulled by anyone else.

Privacy issues aside, proponents of the legislation contend the technology is not yet perfected, potentially leading to situations where the weapon does not work even when in the proper hands. Foes argued there is no reason to deter the sale of what they see as a “safer” weapon that might prevent children from shooting themselves or others.

But Rep. Paul Boyer, R-Phoenix, said nothing in his legislation bars Arizonans from purchasing such weapons as they become commercially available.

Article Source: http://azdailysun.com/news/local/legislative-briefs-smart-guns-can-t-be-required-by-cities/article_d936256c-c147-595d-87d5-75eb0bd250d4.html