Pima Juvenile Corrections Association

Pima Juvenile Corrections Association is made up of dedicated juvenile corrections professionals who are interested in protecting their jobs, their pensions, and their reputation !

Founded in 1997 by Parole Officer Don Carr, PJCA quickly grew because of Don’s firm and unwavering support of members facing unfair disciplinary and  personnel actions.  Don set the example for member representation with his calm but fearless demeanor. Numerous employees were saved by Don’s interventions, whether it be a pointed phone call, a letter fired off from the AZCOPS attorney, or a well written grievance. Don Carr had a tremendous positive impact on members when they were at the lowest point in their career. Don Carr retired successfully, a true role model.

In 2010, then Gov. Jan Brewer attempted to close down ADJC and send the juveniles back to  county detention (and probation) where they came from. AZCOPS supported PJCA and Maricopa Juvenile Corrections Associations with a $100,000 public information campaign that stunned the state. WARNING door hangers hung on front doors from Flagstaff to Nogales. The famous ‘Car Jacking’ radio commercial went viral, as citizens jammed the governors office switchboard with phone calls in protest. This AZCOPS campaign saved the jobs of hundreds of employees, and made it possible for many to make it to retirement. No other law enforcement association steps up to the plate for their association membership like AZCOPS. Join now and enjoy the political protection of your job by AZCOPS.