Preparations begin for 2009 Legislative Session

Preparations begin for 2009 Legislative Session

(Posted: Nov. 30, 2008)

Russell Pierce
From left, Senator-Elect Russell Pearce, District 18, and Joe Delgado, President of MCCPOA. Pearce was endorsed by AZCOPS in the 2008 elections and replaces long-time AZCOPS supporter, Sen. Karen Johnson.

The AZCOPS Legislative Committee for 2009 will meet Dec. 13th in preparation for the upcoming session. Members of the committee include Luis Ebratt, Eva Berg, and John Stair from AZPOA; Jim Christy, Glenn Conlon, and Robert Blackmer from AZCPOA; Joe Delgado of MCCPOA; Joe Glenn of ADCJP; Preston Glodo of YCLA; Rick Hornback of PCPOA; Ed Neidkowski of ACPOA; Jim Peterson of CHANSUP; John Strader of TPOA and Don Stokes of LPCPOA.

“Considering a state budget deficit that will reportedly approach $1.5 billion, and a dramatic change in the national political landscape, our task is formidable and it appears the emphasis will be on officer rights, both locally and nationally,” said Ebratt, AZCOPS director of Government Relations.

There will be some new faces to meet at the Capitol with freshman legislators. In the Senate, Steve Pierce, LD 1 and Al Melvin, LD 26. In the House, Chris Deschene, LD 2; Doris Godale, LD 3; Carl Seel, LD 6; Debbie Lesko, LD 9; Eric Meyer, LD 11; Steve Montenegro, LD 12; Cecil Ash, Steve Court, LD 18; Rae Waters, LD 20; Laurin Hendrix, LD 22; Frank Pratt, LD 23; Russ Jones, LD 24; Patricia Fleming, David Stevens, LD 25; Vic Williams, LD 26; Matt Heinz, Daniel Patterson, LD 29; Frank Antenori and David Gowan, LD 30.

Majority leaders in the Senate are: Senate President Bob Burns, President Pro Tempore Thayer Verschoor, Majority Leader Chuck Gray, and Majority Whip Pamela Gorman. Minority Senate leaders include Leader Jorge Luis Garcia, Assistant Leader Rebecca Rios, and Minority Whip Linda Lopez.

Leaders In the House include Speaker Kirk Adams, Majority Leader Jo McCornish, and Majority Whip Andy Tobin. Minority leaders include Leader David Lujan, Assistat Leader Kyrsten Sinema, and Minority Whip Chad Campbell.

In an early meeting with Senator-Elect Russell Pearce, LD 18, Ebratt was again assured by Pearce that he was committed to advancing officer rights. Community College Police Officers Association President Joe Delgado was also present and was able to strategize specific concerns faced since the passage of firearms for his members.