Prescott police K-9s get badges

Members of the Prescott Police K-9 Unit who’ve been on the force fighting crime and enforcing the law for some time will finally be getting badges to wear. Not the officers — the dogs.

Prescott police say local resident Penny Kramer donated the funds for the K-9 badges as a memorial to her late father, who worked with K-9s for the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office.

K-9s Cory and Hercules were the first two dogs on the Prescott police force to get their shiny new badges.

The Prescott Police Department says it hopes to keep the K-9 badges a tradition.

“It recognizes them as an officer,” said Officer Dan Smith of the Prescott Police K-9 Unit. “When the dog retires, we’ll place the shadow box of the officer that’s handling the dog when they retire, so it’s kind of a legacy that she wanted to start.”

Each dog gets a unique badge and badge number that will retire with the dog. Cory got badge number K9-1, and Hercules K9-2.

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