Press Release Announcing Cindy Hill’s Scottsdale City Council Candidacy

Dear Fellow Citizens of Scottsdale:

I am running for City Council because priorities matter and unfortunately the majority of City Council have lost sight of what Scottsdale’s priorities must be.

While those on City Council in the past have said that Public Safety is the number one priority of the City, unfortunately, the majority have shown by deeds and inaction that they truly don’t believe that Public Safety is a priority at all. I believe that public safety is the number one priority because it is the foundation we build everything else on; safe neighborhoods, our world class preserve, our local businesses and our vital tourism trade, none of which can flourish in a unsafe environment.

Currently, our City is losing trained Police Officers, each one costing over $100,000 and one year to train, to other agencies because the current City Council refuses to fully fund the Police Department. Our City is currently unable to fully staff one of the busiest fire stations while other City Firefighters are working and living in a deplorable rat infested trailer. This would never be allowed by a City Council that has the right Priorities. I promise you that Public Safety will be my number one priority.

Once Public Safety is fully funded then I believe that we need to build the rest of the City budget based on what the citizens of Scottsdale believe are the priorities for their City government to fund. Quite simply, when there’s a limited amount of money to spend, I will ask the citizens and the other Council members to decide, what does Scottsdale “NEED” and what does Scottsdale “WANT.” Once we have this honest discussion then we will fund all of the “NEEDS” first and then, and only then, will we decide which of our “WANTS” will get funded.

Currently there are more than enough revenues coming into the City of Scottsdale to fully fund all of our NEEDS, so there should not be any reason to raise taxes. However, if there are specific “WANTS” that the citizens deem important it should be up to the voters to decide if
they are willing to fund those “WANTS” through increased taxes.

Please vote for me and help restore the Citizens’ Priorities to Scottsdale City government.

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Information contributed by: Cindy Hill
Last updated: 01/14/2014

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