Would Arizona Body-Camera Bill Allow Police to Alter Their Stories?

In response, citizens have begun demanding that police officers wear body cameras. And law enforcement has pushed back, campaigning on behalf of legislation that would limit how that footage could be used.

SB 1253, sponsored by Republican Sonny Borelli and backed by several police organizations, is the latest example.

The bill would affect any officers who are being investigated for incidents involving the use of force.

It states that those officers have to be given a chance to review the body-camera footage from the incident before they make a statement about what happened — otherwise, their statement can’t be used to discipline them.

And before they review that footage, officers would be read a warning that tells them that video evidence may depict events differently from what they remember.

“This allows the officers to form excuses around the scenario instead of reporting back what they remember about their actions,” says Cassandra Barrett, a researcher at ASU’s Biological Design Institute. “It can build a bias about the memory.”…

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