Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, Chino Valley Police Department receive continued grant funding

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) and the Chino Valley Police Department (CVPD) were both recently awarded grant funding from Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS).

The sheriff’s share of the pie came out to one grant equaling $45,500 for the time period of October 2016 to September

“These ongoing funds have had a direct impact in keeping Yavapai County roads safer for everyone,” said YCSO Media Relations Coordinator Dwight D’Evelyn.


This money will be used for the following:

STEP Enforcement (Special Traffic Enforcement Program) – $8,000 – provides overtime monies for Speed/Directed Enforcement Details.

DUI Enforcement – $30,000 – provides monies for DUI Enforcement Details. Between October 1, 2015, and October 1, 2016,

YCSO deputies handled approximately 280 DUI related incidents, many resulting from targeted enforcement operations.

DUI Equipment – $7000 – for the purchase of an “Intoxilyzer” brand breath alcohol testing unit for use at a selected outlying YCSO substation.

Bicycle Safety Programs – $500 for the purchase of helmets and bicycle safety materials as part of a bicycle safety campaign held at schools throughout Yavapai County. These events, which include bike rodeos that allow young students to test their knowledge and skills in a controlled environment, are hosted as part of YCSO’s Right-by-Kids program featuring its mascot, Deputy Do-Right.

Chino Valley Police Department received grants also intended for keeping roadways safer.

The first grant award of $11,000 covers the purchase of two Portable Breath Test Devices or PBT’s as well as funding for officer overtime to staff impaired driving details in the community.

The second grant award covers the purchase of two digital in-car camera systems and two LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) units.

In addition, the grant covers funding for officer overtime to staff strategic traffic details throughout the community. The equipment will help the department gather evidence on traffic and impaired driving cases as well as help enforce traffic related laws in Chino Valley. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has provided $20,283 to cover all costs associated with this grant.

The Chino Valley Police Department is asking the public to report areas they feel traffic violations are occurring and need additional enforcement. To report this, contact 928-636-4223, ext. 2 and let civilian officers know of the area of concern, the time the issues are occurring and any vehicle information available.

Article Source: http://www.dcourier.com/news/2016/nov/02/yavapai-county-sheriffs-office-chino-valley-police/